How the 2Fuel System Works

Electronic Control Unit (ECU)

The 2Fuel ECU is a 32bit, 68 pin controller specifically designed for the 2Fuel system. This control meets or exceed the stringent SAE specifications for Tier 1 automotive electronics.

The 2Fuel ECU maintains high speed two-way communication, with the OEM Controller and adjusts the diesel and alternative fuel flow rates, in real time, to insure there are no over or under fueling conditions anywhere in the engine operational RPM and load ranges due to fuel overlap.

This superior two way communication, through CANBUS, allows 2Fuel to continue blending fuels throughout the complete full load, high torque curve and maintain the OEM specified performance while blending, leading to the highest possible “End of Day Dilution” attainable.


Electronic Control Unit

Injection System

As diesel fuel energy flow is reduced by the 2Fuel ECU the alternative fuel injectors introduce the alternative fuel on an “energy for energy basis”, by accurately measuring an equal amount of alternative fuel to replace the displaced diesel energy. This control feature allows for higher fuel substitution rates and stable engine operation (no hunting) in high transient load cycling.

In this method, injectors are fitted to a common fuel block, the fuel is discharged into a “mixer pin” fitted in the air stream just ahead of the inlet to the intake manifold.

The advantage to this method of fuel metering is a more precise fuel metering, faster fuel delivery response time, and a much safer environment for the engine.


CNG Injectors


Natural Gas Storage

Two forms of natural gas storage exist for mobile vehicle applications. CNG (compressed natural gas), and the other is in the liquid form, LNG (liquefied natural gas). CNG is the most common way to store natural gas.

Modern CNG tanks are made from lightweight composite material and can store gas up to 3600 psi. LNG tanks can store more NG per unit volume due to its liquid state. LNG requires the use of cryogenic tanks to keep NG in liquid form.

Propane LPG tanks are made from steel and aluminum, where the fuel is stored in liquid form, but at much lower pressures, typically between 50 & 250 psi. depending on ambient temperature.



CNG Tank

How Much Can You Save with 2Fuel?

2Fuel delivers 60% more “End of Day Diesel Fuel Displacement” than any other Dual Fuel System.

2Fuel is the only Dual Fuel System that continues to blend fuels, throughout the complete high load cycle,
and maintains the original diesel engine specified OEM Torque and HP.

Mobile Off-road

Mobile Off-road Equipment

Excavating and hauling equipment running 12 hours per day would consume a minimum of 52,000 gallons of diesel fuel
per year.

Fuel Savings Calculator

Stationary Engines

Stationary Engines

The larger stationary engines running 12 hours per day would consume a minimum of 52,000 gallons of diesel fuel
per year.

Fuel Savings Calculator