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2 Fuel Product History


The 2Fuel product traces its roots back to the energy crisis in the early 80’s when Frank Davis began to look for ways to adopt cheaper natural gas in his large diesel fleet, to lower escalating fuel costs. The early products were extremely successful and Frank exited his electrical contracting business to focus completely on the vehicle conversion business, Engine Control Technologies. ECT grew quickly with the initial support of Atlanta Gas and Light who sold 3000 Dual Fuel Systems, over the years. Throughout ECT’s history, management focused on R&D and Product Development while relying on others to provide Marketing, in regions throughout the World where Natural Gas refueling was supported. In the early days, these re-fueling centers were typically small and were not designed for Class 8 trucks and as a result most their conversions were on class 5 to 7 vehicles up until 2012.

ECT products have been installed on over 8000 engines, in various regions of the world.

Historical Events

1980’s - Developed a mechanical dual fuel system for diesel engines allowing natural gas to be blended with diesel fuel and sold 1000 dual fuel systems through Atlanta Gas Light.

1990’s - Obtained an Executive Order C.A.R.B. B-52 for their mechanical Dual Fuel System in the USA.
2000 additional systems sold through Atlanta Gas and Light and over 400 conversions were sold by Regional Dealers for California Energy Commission. US Navy, Marines, US Air Force and others.

International sales included several hundred units to the Egyptian Department of Transportation. and Toward You Bus Company of Taiwan.

2000’s - ECT develops a system for modern HPCR engines (high pressure common rail), with the ability to support 2-way communication with the OEM ECM.
DRV Energy obtained an EPA Certificate of Conformity using ECT’s Dual Fuel System in 2006.

ECT patented their software based product in 2007 and re-branded their product as 2Fuel.

  • The only product, still today, that maintains the OEM engine specifications, for torque and HP, while blending fuels, throughout the complete high load cycle, of the engine. As validated by Intertek, Peak, and GM

DHybrid successfully demonstrated the new HPCR 2Fuel product to GM Thailand, in 2007, and
ECT became a Tier 1 supplier for GM Thailand with an initial Blanket PO for 34,000 conversion kits.

  • 1700 conversion kits were installed with 1500 additional in production when GM
    announced the restructure.
  • ECT returned to their R&D roots and began developing product for various Distributors and their Regional USA Market Verticals, where natural gas re-fueling was supported.

CCAT 2009 to 2014

ECT developed a dual fuel propane system coupled with CCAT’s proprietary catalyst and in 2011 CCAT Obtained California Air Resource Board (CARB) Certification for stationary applications under 650 HP for all manufacturers.

Peak Fuel Solutions 2010 to 2014

ECT developed an EPA Certified Dual Fuel solution for the 15L truck market in North America. In 2012 Peake obtained an EPA OEM Certification for the Cummins ISX 15L 2010-2012 Engine Family and quickly sold over 100 2Fuel Systems in 2013. Peake, was left unfunded in 2014, as the Board of Chesapeake Energy voted to return to their core business and sold, or closed, all non-core businesses

2Fuel remains the only Dual Fuel product that has ever received an EPA OEM Level Certification.

Waste Gas Power and LaPlante Enterprises 2015

Discover the 2Fuel technology in use on a C-15 Caterpillar generator, in Denver, blending natural gas with diesel fuel while maintaining the OEM torque and HP specification. The response time, to load swings, is superior to a conventional diesel fueled generator, as the 2Fuel ECU is commanding both the diesel and natural gas flow rates via 2-way CANBUS supported communication and utilizing the OEM sensors to improve engine efficiency while maintaining all OEM safety protocols.

The system delivered peak diesel fuel displacement of 70% vs the specified diesel consumption, with an end of day average displacement of 53%. The engine is running with less than 1% methane slip.

Following months of reviewing third party validations of claim, customer interviews, and exploring other dual fuel technologies throughout the North American market, Waste Gas Power and LaPlante Enterprises formed 2Fuel Technology Inc. and entered into agreement to purchase the ECT Dual Fuel Technology.

2Fuel Technologies Inc. 2016

  • December 2016 - 2Fuel Technologies Inc., funded by a private placement, completes the acquisition of all ECT’s patents, tooling and inventory.
  • Supported by the best in class dual fuel technology, 2Fuel has begun the conversions of their current customers and are further soliciting National Distributor and Dealer partners to aid in the delivery of the current three year back log for this product.

How Much Can You Save with 2Fuel?

2Fuel delivers 60% more “End of Day Diesel Fuel Displacement” than any other Dual Fuel System.

2Fuel is the only Dual Fuel System that continues to blend fuels, throughout the complete high load cycle,
and maintains the original diesel engine specified OEM Torque and HP.

Mobile Off-road

Mobile Off-road Equipment

Excavating and hauling equipment running 12 hours per day would consume a minimum of 52,000 gallons of diesel fuel
per year.

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Stationary Engines

Stationary Engines

The larger stationary engines running 12 hours per day would consume a minimum of 52,000 gallons of diesel fuel
per year.

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