"My name is Paul Cogar and I have driven trucks for 40 plus yrs. Including the Hawg Hauling, Kenworth trucks, with the Cummins ISX 15 liter 485 hp. for 40,000 miles on Dual Fuel, while loaded, with 79,000 lb. at all times. The 2Fuel kit ran very well and makes a clean burning engine even better. It has all the power on Dual Fuel, as on diesel, but it is cleaner. The oil stays cleaner and is bound to make the engine last longer.  The five converted trucks I drove, with the 79,000-lb. trailer, in Oklahoma were automatic transmissions and the automatic trucks preformed much better on the 2Fuel Dual Fuel system, vs operating on straight diesel, with a 79,000-lb. load. The original diesel trucks would shift from 5th to 6th gear, back and forth, on diesel, but with the 2Fuel system they would shift to 6th gear and had the torque stay there. The Dual Fuel conversions appeared to have more torque. I think it will be a very positive Dual Fuel system for the trucking Industry."

"We run a 4,000-head dairy on 9,000 acres in the San Joaquin Valley. One of our highest operating costs is pumping water to our animals and irrigating our crops, this is accomplished through our high cost in diesel engine maintenance, repair, engine replacement and fuel costs. We partnered with GCAT, bottom line, to save money on our fuel costs, where we are achieving fuel costs savings up to 35% with a 50-50 blend of diesel and LPG fuel. While achieving this savings we are also reducing exhaust emissions significantly, bringing our engines into compliance standards and we find that our engine filters and fluids are much cleaner which we believe extends the overall life of our engines. 2Fuel is a proven technology; it is durable and has given us a full return on investment in less than 10 months." - Mr. Maddox

"Rovey Dairy is very concerned about our environment and is very interested in supporting any Green product that we can implement in our dairy. We are also interested in using American sustainable fuels, which support jobs in the US, that keep our trade dollars home. In partnership with 2Fuel Technologies, through their Dual Fuel system where they displace nearly 50% Diesel fuel in our diesel engines with cost effective, cleaner burning American LPG we receive these results with the added benefit of additional fuel cost savings.

Our first conversion was one of our transport trucks that has a Detroit Diesel 60 series engine. This hauls as much as 80,000 pounds of sugar beets per load during harvest season. Our drivers have expressed that they have no drivability issues at all and in fact they have expressed that the truck actually runs stronger on Dual Fuel vs. straight diesel.

We are so pleased with the performance results, acceptability of the system with our employees and fuel cost savings, that we are continuing to convert more of our equipment with these Duel Fuel systems from 2Fuel Technologies. Our expectation, at current fuel prices, is to reduce our total fuel expense, in our fleet by 25% or more, while achieving all the other benefits that I have mentioned."- Paul Rovey

How Much Can You Save with 2Fuel?

2Fuel delivers 60% more “End of Day Diesel Fuel Displacement” than any other Dual Fuel System.

2Fuel is the only Dual Fuel System that continues to blend fuels, throughout the complete high load cycle,
and maintains the original diesel engine specified OEM Torque and HP.

Mobile Off-road

Mobile Off-road Equipment

Excavating and hauling equipment running 12 hours per day would consume a minimum of 52,000 gallons of diesel fuel
per year.

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Stationary Engines

Stationary Engines

The larger stationary engines running 12 hours per day would consume a minimum of 52,000 gallons of diesel fuel
per year.

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